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The complete MPI specification can look a little imposing to the new user because it was never intended to be an introductory document. Assembled here are a series of tutorials to introduce the more heavily used functions and demonstrate them in small examples or code fragments. The tutorials are purposefully not thorough and serve only to get the new user started with MPI and its major features.

Full Tutorial

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is offering a tutorial entitled Introduction to MPI. It is a comprehensive MPI tutorial that covers everything from message passing fundamentals to program performance.

We highly reccomend it.

Another Full Tutorial

The LAM Team has given a series of MPI programming tutorials at the University of Notre Dame over the past few years. The latest of these tutorials is available here.

Getting Started with LAM/MPI

A multi-part quick start on LAM/MPI is available here. There is a shorter version below, but it has less explanations included.

MPI Quick Tutorials

If you are looking for something shorter, try any of these: