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The LAM development team and the Open Systems Laboratory (home of the LAM team) have produced a number of software packages -- some are LAM specific, although many can be used with any MPI implementation. In addition, some outside groups have produced software packages developed specifically for LAM.

If you are looking for a general MPI package and do not see it here, you may wish to check the Other MPI Software page.

  • IMPI: Interoperable MPI -- allowing multiple MPI implementations to combine into a single MPI_COMM_WORLD.

  • PSR: Password Storage and Retrieval system that can be used with AFS for batch/queuing systems (e.g., the OpenPBS).

  • OOMPI: Object-Oriented MPI -- a full-featured class library for MPI abstractions.

  • VIA rpi module: An RPI module for for LAM 7.1.x from the University of Technology at Chemnitz, Germany.

  • VIA for LAM (based on an older version of LAM): A VIA interface for LAM from the University of Parma Computer Engineering Group.

  • XLED: An MPI server for LAM/MPI.

  • XMPI: A run/debug GUI for MPI.

  • XMTV: A graphics server for LAM/MPI.