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There are currently three versions of LAM available for download:
  • LAM/MPI 7.1.4

    This is the latest stable release of LAM/MPI. It provides support for Infiniband, SLURM, BProc 4.0, SSI modules as DSOs, shared memory collectives, improved Myrinet (gm) RPI, more SMP collectives and collectives on intercommunicators

    We recommend LAM 7.1.4 for all users of LAM/MPI

  • LAM/MPI 7.0.6

    This is the previous stable release of LAM/MPI. The LAM 7 series introduced the System Services Interface (SSI), a plug-in architecture for LAM that allows support of a wide variety of platforms and networking stacks, with run-time selection of supported interfaces.

  • LAM/MPI 6.5.9

    LAM 6.5.9 is not recommended because the LAM source code has seen a lot of changes, bug fixes and new features since then. It is still available for download only because some vendors still require it.

    We recommend LAM 7.0.6 for users currently using a release from the 7.0 series in a production environment. For development and certification of new projects, we recommend the LAM 7.1.4 release.