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Various LAM beta releases

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for stable releases should consult the main LAM/MPI download page.

The software packages listed on this page are essentially "pseudo-stable" beta releases; they have not undergone the rigorous testing to be certified as a final, stable release. Early adopters are highly encouraged to try these releases and let the LAM Team know of any problems that you find (see the contact page).

LAM/MPI Releases:

These are betas of the upcoming LAM/MPI v7.1.x. They appear to be "stable enough" for beta release, but are not final releases. Specifically, take this to mean: changes will definitely occur before the final release. For a full list of changes, see the SVN "what's new" page and/or the HISTORY file in the beta tarballs.

lam-7.1.5b1.tar.bz2 7.5MB 7feb0178d3f33a58b354bcb3987d3fe2
lam-7.1.5b1.tar.gz 10.72MB 3f8d0f99c2580acc4fd8728d1e2355f9
lamtests-7.1.5b1.tar.bz2 215KB e46d8fff2b79a2cca741571340a31543
lamtests-7.1.5b1.tar.gz 329KB 0dbae6812fe05442fcc0267ad6955988

XMPI Release notes:

  • For XMPI to build, you must:
    • have a working C++ compiler installed
    • configure LAM/MPI with the "--with-trillium" switch to ./configure
    • have LessTif or Motif installed
      Note: XMPI is only supported with LessTif 0.92.26. It may work with older versions, but has not been tested with anything older than 0.92.26.
  • We need help finding bugs! Please, report any bugs you find in XMPI. We especially need help finding any places LessTif outputs any messages. Below is a list of outstanding LessTif warning fixes. If you find any others, please e-mail the XMPI list so that we can squash the bugs. Include as much information as you can.
    • When closing the Build-and-Run window, LessTif will emit a warning.
  • For information on using the new functionality in XMPI, please see the "Using XMPI with LAM" page.

XMPI 2.2.3b8 Beta (for LAM 6.5.9 and 7.0.6 and 7.1.4)
Files File names Size MD5 sum (GNU md5sum 4.5.3)
Beta source code xmpi-2.2.3b8.tar.gz 449KB c700813547f3cbbce2b3475d6b5298ba
xmpi-2.2.3b8.tar.bz2 336KB 7797b6f80d029c7fc9752967a7ce13a5