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Who are these Llamas, anyway?

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The LAM team is comprised of students and faculty at Indiana University. We frequently refer to some of the original authors of LAM (from its Ohio Supercomputing Center days) as Llamas as well, since they still offer us guidance and advice from the original design, etc.

The current LAM Team members are:

Faculty: Dr. Andrew Lumsdaine
Dr. Jeff Squyres
Graduate Students: Brian Barrett
Prabhanjan "Anju" Kambadur
Josh Hursey

The LAM Team has been fortunate to have many talented members in its 34 year history. The following people are Alumni Llamas:

Indiana University: Vishal Sahay
Manish Chablani
Prashanth Charapalli
Amey Dharurkar
Vinayak Dukle
Nihar Sanghvi
Sriram Sankaran
Shashwat Srivastav
University of Notre Dame: M.D. McNally
Kinis Meyer
Peter Rijks
Arun Rodrigues
Mike Shepherd
Ohio State University: Greg Burns
Raja Daoud
Vibha Dixit
Raghu Machiraju
Nick Nevin
Vibha Radiya
Jim Vaigl

Where did the name "Llamas" come from?

"The Llama is a quadruped
which lives in big rivers like the Amazon.
It has two ears, a heart, a forehead,
and a beak for eating honey,
but it is provided with fins for swimming.
Llamas are larger than frogs.
Llamas are dangerous, so if you see one
where people are swimming, you shout,
'Look out, there are Llamas!'"

It was really late one night, and one of us came up with it (names not mentioned to protect the guilty). It seemed really funny at the time, since it includes the word "LAM", and is another furry four-legged animal, like a lamb is. As an added bonus, as some LAM users have also reminded us, the name "Llama" is very similar to "lama", which is generally asociated with guru-ness.

The name just stuck, and became a convenient way to refer to the collective members of the LAM team.

How do I contact the Llamas?

Please, please do not send any of us individual mail; we much prefer that you consult the contact information page. Thanks.