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LAM 7.1.4 Installation

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This page provides a quick overview of the install process for LAM/MPI 7.1.4. Complete installation instructions are now provided in the LAM/MPI Installation Guide. The Installation Guide is also available in the doc/ directory of the LAM/MPI tarball. While not directly related to installation, there is also a User's Guide available. We recommend that all system administrators refer their users to this guide to get the most out of LAM/MPI.

If you don't want to read the Installation Guide, the following should build a minimal installation of LAM/MPI in most situations (note that some options will be disabled, particularly if supporting libraries are installed in non-default locations, such as Myrinet, BProc, Globus, PBS, etc.).

     shell$ gunzip -c lam-7.1.4.tar.gz | tar xf -
     shell$ cd lam-7.1.4

     # Set the desired C, C++, and Fortran compilers, unless 
     # using the GNU compilers is sufficient
     # (this example assumes a Bourne-like shell)
     shell$ CC=cc
     shell$ CXX=CC
     shell$ FC=f77
     shell$ export CC CXX FC

     shell$ ./configure --prefix=/directory/to/install/in
     # ...lots of output...]

     shell$ make
     # ...lots of output...]

     shell$ make install
     # ...lots of output...]

     # This step is optional
     shell$ make examples
     # ...lots of output...]
If you do not specify a prefix, LAM will first look for lamclean in your path. If lamclean is found, it will use the parent of the directory where lamclean is located as the prefix. Otherwise, /usr/local is used (like most GNU software).