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3rd Party MPI Packages that Work with LAM

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There are many 3rd party MPI packages available. Most should work directly with LAM, provided that they are configured to use the LAM wrapper compilers (mpicc, mpiCC, and/or mpif77).

Keep in mind that this is, by no means, a comprehensive list of packages that work with LAM/MPI. Any library/application based on MPI should work with LAM/MPI, as long as it is properly configured.

3rd Party Packages:

There are a few packages that are not easy to configure, or appear to be tightly bound to the MPICH implementation of MPI. The LAM Team has put together some notes on getting some of the more popular of these packages to work with LAM/MPI. More often that not, it is simply a matter of configuring and compiling the packages properly with LAM/MPI.

Compilation Notes: