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Notes on the LAM/MPI Subversion tree

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Some notes on the LAM/MPI Subversion repository:

  1. Ensure that you have all of the required software packages before attempting any of these steps.

  2. Note that no autoconf- or automake-generated files are kept in the Subversion repository. So upon checkout, you will need to generate an executable configure script. This can be accomplished by running:


    from the top-level LAM Subversion directory. Note that this may take several minutes to run, as it will need to traverse the LAM source tree and invoke itself several times in different directories.

  3. When you run, the GNU auto* tools will be run on several directories. Refer to the requirements page for the versions of GNU auto* tools that need to be available on the system. Please note, however, that some bugs in GNU Automake 1.6 cause to fail. So, if you have this version of Automake installed, upgrade to version 1.6.3 or higher.

  4. When you run the command, you may see a warning about AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS -- this is normal. It is harmless; you can ignore it.

  5. You'll also get errors and warnings indicating that files such as install-sh, mkinstalldirs, missing, and depcomp were installed. The messages will be similar to the following:

    automake: installing `./config/install-sh'
    automake: installing `./config/mkinstalldirs'
    automake: installing `./config/missing'
    automake: installing `./config/depcomp'

    Don't panic: these are normal. You can safely ignore these messages.

  6. Finally, note that whenever any of the following files change, you will need to run again (the GNU auto* tools can be your friends, but they can also be quite a pain!):