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XMTV 1.2 - A Graphics Server for LAM

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XMTV is an X/Motif based graphics client/server package that emulates a frame buffer. It is implemented on top of LAM, a cluster computing environment for UNIX. It provides an easy to use, low cost alternative for run-time visualization of computation results.

The XMTV client library can be used by MPI applications under LAM, from C and Fortran. It provides a simple interface to plot coloured data frames. The XMTV server can be run on any node in the LAM multicomputer. The graphics calls locate and direct their requests to the proper destination.

While the XMTV software should compile properly with the Lesstif freeware clone of Motif, this has not been tested at all.


  • lam_tvclr( ) clears the screen.
  • lam_tvrect( ) plots a rectangular region of pixels.
  • lam_tvsnake( ) plots a snake-like region of pixels.
  • lam_tvtext( ) plots a line of ASCII text.
  • lam_tvstate( ) gets screen information (size, colours, etc.).

How to Get XMTV

XMTV was developed at the Ohio Supercomputer Center and is freely available under a GNU license from the LAM download site.