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Password Storage and Retrieval System (PSR)

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(NOTE: This project has nothing to do with LAM/MPI, nor does it require LAM/MPI. It just happens to be maintained by the LAM/MPI developers. See the credits page.)

20 December, 2000: Version 1.2 released!

  • Do you use AFS at your site?
  • Do you want to run PBS batch jobs with AFS authentication?

    This is typically a sticky problem because the PBS servers do not know anything about AFS, and therefore jobs start without first having obtained an AFS token. Hence, users are either restricted to running without their normal AFS permissions, or must hard code their AFS password somewhere that will be readable by their submitted batch script. Eww!!

    PSR is a software package that securly encrypts passwords, and then uses them to obtain an AFS token before your job starts, and keep refreshing the token for the length of your job so that your AFS token does not expire in the middle of your run. That is -- users don't have to do anything special in their PBS scripts to get their PBS jobs to run with AFS authentication.

    Note that this software package is not for everyone - there is an important requirement on public/private keys for system administrators, which may or may not be kosher with your local policies. See the "How does it work?" page for a description of how this software works.

    The PSR package can be downloaded from the LAM download page.