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LAM Version 7.0.6 (stable)
Files File names Size MD5 sum (GNU md5sum 4.5.3)
Source code lam-7.0.6.tar.gz 7.75MB ca35a1b6ab56ce0cc25afbd9d17b0f85
lam-7.0.6.tar.bz2 5.48MB 4037133e564648bd7815e36f3f017d8b
RedHat 9 RPMs (Read Me) lam-7.0.6-1.i586.rpm 15.4MB 8318f0d6fad2cef2689322878b0dfa08
lam-7.0.6-1.src.rpm 7.72MB 973215c5ef59693876e036836f4f1892
Mac OS X Package (Read Me) lam-7.0.6.dmg.gz 2.82MB 0da0d25369c7933264e9731c26723ed6
Documentation 7.0.6-user.pdf 634KB 6702e6bfaf95b11e1ae4211380cebaf7
7.0.6-install.pdf 312KB 270ba785ca76de0b6f5851afada16ac6
LAM test suite
(please download and run me!)
lamtests-7.0.6.tar.gz 293KB 69231cf23b906c09bb9d4b3e4dee6b30
lamtests-7.0.6.tar.bz2 198KB 33ec41a64a1c966d26e1d132159f61e9