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LAM Version 6.5.9 (stable)
Files File names Size MD5 sum (GNU md5sum 4.5.3)
Source code lam-6.5.9.tar.Z 3.86MB 0e00622b7c84015603231bf25cda26f0
lam-6.5.9.tar.gz 2.08MB e5e14c360984be2133c8066aaa4641c9
lam-6.5.9.tar.bz2 1.56MB 8a4e98da5e1ba41e68c9422635b42364
Linux RPMs (Read Me) lam-6.5.9-tcp.1.i386.rpm 1.61MB 63c77d11bba9831b8ecdd9604937a973
lam-6.5.9-tcp.1.src.rpm 2.08MB 3087b6fdc38f9de6f89a59dedcb676f3
lam-6.5.9-sysv.1.i386.rpm 1.61MB 9bbe788bfd2299131748801bd35a90cc
lam-6.5.9-sysv.1.src.rpm 2.08MB d70dcbd6cee8d67a677f607cb68c55f0
lam-6.5.9-usysv.1.i386.rpm 1.61MB eca5579edecbcccc0abe92a032468e27
lam-6.5.9-usysv.1.src.rpm 2.08MB b72b2909e4c223cf65da8c8172a15a4a
LAM test suite
(please download and run me!)
lamtests-6.5.9.tar.Z 122KB 60de5eabf1ad21bd4f086de8813b471b
lamtests-6.5.9.tar.gz 49KB b4794321f7d52c218a1b50e0f2645158
lamtests-6.5.9.tar.bz2 40KB dace090bca3e44a52a24ceff144deb47