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LAM version 6.5.9 (no longer supported)

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The LAM Team at Indiana University is pleased to release LAM 6.5.9. The 6.5 series adds significant features that benefit MPI developers as well as end users. The new release includes the new features summarized below. Many of the new features are the result of discussions, meetings, and user suggestions from the general LAM user's discussion mailing list. Keep the suggestions coming!

All users of LAM/MPI versions prior to 6.5.9 are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately. Versions of LAM/MPI prior to 6.5.9 are not supported.

Also note: LAM/MPI version 6.5.9 will not work with the current release of XMPI. A beta of XMPI 2.2.3, which will work with LAM/MPI version 6.5.9 is available on the beta web page.

Obtaining LAM version 6.5.9

The LAM/MPI 6.5.9 distribution is available from the main LAM download site. Release notes, installation instructions, and test suite instructions are available. There are also extensive notes on tuning the LAM/MPI library.

The LAM Team requests that all users who download LAM 6.5.9 also download and run the LAM test suite to help us verify LAM in a wide variety of Unix environments.

New Features of LAM 6.5

  • Added man pages for all MPI-1 and MPI-2 functions.
  • Added some primitive syslog messages to the lamd (when launched via "lamboot -d ...") to help the troubleshooting process when the lamd seems to be involved.
  • lamboot, recon, and [deprecated] wipe are noticably faster when the "-b" switch is used. "-b" can be used with any shell other than the Bourne and Korn shells (including bash).
  • Made LAM aware of PBS and LSF -- can now have multiple LAM jobs by the same user on a single node when running in PBS or LSF.
  • New SMP-aware "mpirun" command line syntax and boot schema syntax for "lamboot".
  • MPI_UNIVERSE_SIZE now reports total number of CPUs, not nodes.
  • Slightly changed the internal and install directory structures; now fully using automake and libtool for building LAM.
  • Full support for VPATH builds.
  • Shared library support (only if not using ROMIO or the C++ bindings).
  • Added MPI_Info key to MPI_COMM_SPAWN to specify a schema file for MPMD spawns.
  • Added "lamhalt" command to quickly shut down LAM
  • Added "lamnodes" command to retrieve hostnames from nX and cX nomenclature.
  • Added MPI_ALLOC_MEM and MPI_FREE_MEM, and 2 optional RPI calls to support them, mainly in anticipation of Myrinet and VIA RPIs.
  • Added "-s" option to lamboot to allow "rsh somenode lamboot -s hostfile" to complete normally.
  • Expanded many error messages to be more descriptive and generally user-friendly.
  • Updated MPI 2 C++ bindings distribution.
  • Updated and patched ROMIO distribution.
  • Building the profiling layer is now the default.
  • Supplemental Trillium executables and .h files that are not necessary for MPI operation are no longer built/installed by default.
  • Made the lamtests package easier to port to other implementations of MPI.
  • Support for IMPI: the Interoperable Message Passing Interface More information on LAM and IMPI can be found here.
  • Oodles of bug fixes.